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Gardening is an adventure that we work to make more enjoyable and exciting for you. As gardeners, we share a love and enthusiasm for plants with our clients. As landscapers we can create beautiful outdoor spaces, including working with contractors to create structures in stone, concrete, or wood.

Gardeners change and tinker with a garden’s design over time, or intentionally approach developing our garden in stages. There is always the challenge of making room for new, desirable plants, or planning changes for the following season. Gardening is an ongoing relationship between people, plants, and nature. We are your partners in that relationship, and each new season brings new options and possibilities.

Although we sometimes have exclusive responsibility for a client’s garden, in most cases we work together with our clients to take care of their gardens. Our mission is to increase the enjoyment you get from gardening. We are the gardener’s gardener ™.

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Our work is distinguished by our sensitive use of plant material to achieve designs that, while sometimes subtle, are nevertheless striking because of their combinations of plant colours, textures and shapes.

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