About us

We are professional gardeners working in downtown Toronto – south of Lawrence, east of Jane, west of Pape. We do travel farther for exceptional gardens but costs for travel can be significant.  

We are an intentionally small but long-established incorporated business providing weekly maintenance to perennial gardens. We also provide garden rehabilitation, design, installation, coaching, companion gardening, and container/balcony gardening services,

We offer a very personalized service and unfortunately as of July 2021 we are at capacity and not accepting new maintenance clients. This continues to be the case as at September of 2021. If you may be interested in having design and installation work done in the future please note that we are booking now for planting in July of 2022. We do not currently offer services to condo boards or commercial clients. 

We have implemented working procedures to keep our crew and clients safe while actively managing the challenges of COVID-19. All of our crew have been fully vaccinated for COVID.

We pride ourselves on being “the gardener’s gardener”™. Our staff are personable, experienced, and committed to your satisfaction. We have provided highly personalized services to discriminating clients in Toronto since 2005. Our paramount focus is on providing our clients with an enjoyable experience, not just of their gardens but also of working with us.  See what clients have to say about us here. You can also see more images related to our work here.

You can see a ninety-second video (with sound) of a garden we designed and installed here:

We are not currently accepting new maintenance clients and cannot break ground on any new installations before July of 2022, however if you think you would like to plant then, please contact us now. 


There is no charge for initial consultations.

Blooming City is a member of Landscape Ontario and we are WSIB registered.

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(last updated September 9, 2021)