Service specifics

We value and put effort into understanding our clients’ personalities, and gardening beliefs and objectives. We work hard to provide solutions that meet clients’  needs. Many of our clients are themselves gardeners who have a great love of plants. We often work collaboratively and even alongside our clients to care for their gardens.

Photograph of client garden
This garden was designed and planted by a client. Our work began with rehabilitation, continued with regular maintenance, and more recently has involved additions and revisions to the original plan.

Examples of what we do include:

  • designing, planning and installing a complete garden, on a bare site.
  • making additions or gradual changes to an existing garden.
  • creating partial garden plantings such as front beds or borders.
  • engaging and managing the services of skilled suppliers including landscape architects, tree-care specialists, irrigation and electrical contractors, stoneworkers, carpenters and excavators.
  • providing regular maintenance of perennial gardens (weeding, fertilizing, pruning, mulching, deadheading, plant division, etc).
  • making seasonal plantings of bulbs and annuals.
  • pruning in late winter, early spring, or according to specific plant needs.
  • sourcing all materials or assisting with material selection by accompanying clients to suppliers.
  • companion gardening.
  • creating container gardens on rooftops or in urban spaces.
  • installing winter urns.

We use environmentally friendly approaches to all our work, particularly by minimizing the use of gas engines whenever possible. We use organic gardening techniques as often as possible and as strictly as requested by our clients. We are also sensitive to client’s specific requests and philosophies with respect to native species, xeriscaping and a desire to recycle and reuse materials.