Front Bed Plan

Glenna and Ruth – Logan

A – Hinoki Cypress

This is a dwarf evergreen, it will likely be only a foot or two tall (30 – 60 cm) when planted and will very gradually grow to about a metre in height. We will plant some of the same carpet plants that are used in the rock garden around the evergreens to leave space for them to grow

B – Dwarf Le Vita white fir

A second dwarf evergreen. Eventually they will almost touch but it may take 15 years. Together the two evergreens and the Zebra Grass will form a central point of interest in the winter time when the rest of the plants have been cut back.

C – Lamb’s Ears

Although this flowers, it is primarily for foliage colour and texture over the warm months

D – Zebra Grass

This has a “flower” of sorts in the fall but it is for year round foliage interest, including the linearity of the foliage.

E – Veronicastrum

This is a tall, long-flowering plant with a fairly neat, architectural habit that has attractive leaves as well as flowers (see second photo). It is the centerpiece of the bed. Hoping to get the purple-flowered variety.

F – Yellow Yarrow

G – Pink Phlox

H – Daylily “Children’s Festival”

This is for both the flowers and the linearity of the foliage

I – Helenium

J – Milkweed (hopefully orange)

K – Sea Holly

Flowers, foliage and possible winter interest if not cut back

L – Artemesia ‘Silver Brocade’

Primarily silver foliage interest though it does have not-too-showy yellow flowers

M – Crocosmia

This has both arcing sprays of colourful flowers and linear foliage